K-POP Style Guide

Hello Everyone!

Today I am here to show you a guide to K-POP fashion trends!

This post will focus on K-Pop stars fashion seen in Promotion Photos, Music Videos, & Live Stages.

Trend #1 : Fishnets


Fishnets are immensely popular in the K-POP girlgroup fashion scene as it gives off edgy, sexy and fashionista vibes. This is a must go -to item for girl groups with charismatic and sexy concepts.

Girl Groups commonly wear fishnet stockings underneath shorts,ripped jeans, and skirts; and fishnet mesh tops above cropped tops. However, wearing fishnet stockings and mesh top at the same time is a bit overwhelming.

Groups who follow this trend include: BlackPink, TWICE, After School, Girls’ Generation

Trend #2 : Ripped Jeans

Along with the fishnets trend, ripped jeans are also an important staple item for charismatic girl groups.

Groups who follow this trend include: Red Velvet, T-ARA, Girls’ Generation, HyunA

Trend #3 : Cropped Tops

Cropped Tops are a favourite for girl groups regardless of concept! In every live girl group stage, there is at least 1 or 2 members sporting a cropped top. Girl groups on the more innocent side tend to wear cropped tops along with tennis skirts and not reveal a big amount of skin; Meanwhile, girl groups on the more sexy and charismatic side wear shorter cropped tops and commonly pair them with shorts.

Groups who follow this trend include: 4Minute, TWICE, SISTAR, AOA, Miss A

Trend #4 : Tennis Skirts


Tennis skirts got immensely popular in the k-pop girl group fashion scene since f(x) wore them for their Rum Pum Pum Pum promotions back in 2013. Ever since, it has become a must-have item for K-Pop girl groups and fans alike.

Groups who follow this trend include: f(x), AOA, Red Velvet, G-Friend

Trend #5 : Oversized Sports Jacket/Sporty Clothing

No matter what concept a girl group has, sporty fashions are found everywhere! Girl groups with a more cute concept tend to wear varsity-styled sports wear; while more charismatic girl groups are more commonly seen wearing oversized sports tees and jackets.

Groups who follow this trend include: 2NE1, TWICE, 4Minute, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation

Trend #6 : School Uniform Concept

Lastly, but definitely not least is the School girl outfit trend! The school girl outfit trend is one of K-Pop’s representative looks that represents youthfulness. This look has been used since the first generation groups like S.E.S. The school girl look usually contains of a plaid skirt, white button-up top, neck bow/tie. Girl groups tend to wear this look with white socks and black shoes (like LOVELYZ in the above picture) or with thigh-high socks along with boots/shoes. Wearing high heels with this look is very contradicting with the aura the look is supposed to emit.

Groups who follow this trend include: G-friend, LOVELYZ, BlackPink, f(x)


Thank you for reading my first blog post ❤

I will make sure to post more about K-Pop fashion, K-beauty trends along with Harajuku-inspired fashion/beauty trends!

xoxo Nicole


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