K-Pop Fashion Spotlight : F(X)

Hello Everyone *^^*

Today, I would like to introduce a new segment of my blog called ‘K-Pop Fashion Spotlight’! In this segment I will make notes about the style of clothing, the representation and concept, and how you can get a similar look by promotion era! I will post regular weekly updates of this segment on Saturdays^^

This week, we will start off with a girlgroup known for their unique style and aesthetics,  f(x) (Red Light Era)!

ERA : RED LIGHT (2014)



Concept: Mysterious, Charismatic, Edgy, Grunge

Common Characteristics: Half face makeup, Bold eyeliner, Black boater hats, army green, fishnets, black ring bands

My Favourite Look: I definitely love Krystal’s style in these photos! It’s really dark and Captivating; Her headwrap jewelry is what made me seal the deal as my favourite outfit.

Get The Look:


– Black boater hat | Amazon | $24.07 CAD



– The High Waisted Studded Camo Shorts | karmaloop | $29.95 USD

– Fingerless leather gloves | AliExpress | $11.90 USD

– Sexy Women Fishnet Stockings | Sanrense | $10.00 USD




– Cropped Top | H&M | $29.99 CAD

– ANTIbrand Gothic Fishnets Fingerless Sleeves | Kate’s Clothing | $5.77 CAD

– 59seconds Boy Shorts | yesstyle | $4.00 CAD

– Ghost Cos Wigs Knee high socks | yesstyle | $10.00 CAD

– TULASI High Heel Pumps | yesstyle | $40.00 CAD



– Gold Chain and Black Stone 3-Way Headwrap | icing | $9.99 USD

– Steampunk Cross Necklace Cross With Gear Handmade By Aunt Matilda | rebelsmarket | $33.50 CAD

– Lia V Front and Back Vest | boohoo | $22 CAD

– Cosabella Free Low Rise Hot Pants | bare necessities | $36.90 CAD

– Luxe Leg Tights | SPANX | $28.00 USD                      



(I couldn’t really a good quality picture of just amber in this outfit so I will use this one – photo credits to functionlove.net)

– Lia V Front and Back Vest | boohoo | $22 CAD  (distressed)

– Classic Cotton-Blend Cami | Forever21 | $2.90 CAD

– MOTO Kiri Stud Shorts | TopShop | $50.60 CAD

– 2 Pack Over The Knee Socks | ASOS | $15.96 CAD




– Corset Style Top | mango | $39.99 CAD

– Out From Under Solid Ruched High-Waisted Bikini Bottom | Urban Outfitters | $42 USD

– Japanese Kawaii Knee-High Socks | Sanrense | $14 USD

– Pig Suede Court DX | Vans | $65 USD


Thank you for reading my first installment of the “K-POP Fashion Spotlight” Series 🙂

If there is anything I should change to the series, and/or if you have suggestions on which group I should do next; Comment below ^^



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