OOTD : My Arcade Biker Fashion

Hello Everybody *^^*

Since my first two posts were dedicated to K-Pop and wasn’t as personal as I want my blog to be; I will finally make a post about myself 🙂

So lets get started!


The arcade is one of my favourite places to take photos at; the vibrant setting from the décor to the neon arcade machines really gives a futuristic and cool aura that emphasizes my pink and blue hair B)

I actually got the idea to take photos at the arcade from instagrammer @minhimesama kekeke ^^

Anyways… My OOTD (Outfit of the day) consists of a faux leather jacket layered on top of sleeveless white ruffled shirt, black skinny jeans, and fashionable high-heeled hiker boots. The “point” item of this look is the faux leather jacket (that I actually got during a $5 sale at SIRENS XD), which features many golden zippers and imitates a collared-look when unzipped. The jacket helps my outfit emit a cool/biker aura to go fit in with the arcade scene with the Harley Davidson motorcycle racing game and the shooting games.

I made a Polyvore Style Set so it is easier to visualize my outfit even more:



Stuart Weitzman lace up boots
790 CAD – bergdorfgoodman.com

River Island tall mens jacket
67 CAD – riverisland.com

Lace Tiered Racer Back Ruffle Tank
11 CAD – themogan.com

The products aren’t really the exact ones that I am wearing but they are the most similar looking that I could find online. There is no way I can afford to spend $790 CAD on a pair of boots lol.
Oh and here is my make-up look too:
I will try to release make-up tutorial for this eye make-up soon! So stay tuned ~
Also, I’m wearing GEO Princess MiMi Sesame Gray (Bambi Series) circle lenses from Pinky Paradise! You can use my promo code ‘inmywonderland’ when you purchase one pair of circle lenses for a free mystery gift 😉
Thank you for reading today, if you liked this post please ‘like’ and don’t feel afraid to comment (and follow my Instagram: @nicole.st.amand) 😀
XOXO Nicole

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