First time trying the Fairy Kei Style

Hello Everybody *^^*

Today, I decided to experiment with Fairy Kei inspired fashion.af3ea1e68434bbe6530fdadee6c1e3c1


Fairy Kei is a popular subcultures within Harajuku fashion; it is characterized by pastel colours, decora, and child-like elements. Popular brands amongst Fairy Kei followers include : 6%DOKIDOKI, ManiaQ, and Nile Perch.

My attempt at this style was not up to par but it wasn’t too bad either. I wore pastel coloured girlish attire, I used colourful 3D stickers to decorate my face to bring out the decora element of this sub-culture. I also brought in my teddy bear to take a picture with me^^

Since I believe my attempt at this style was not that great, I will show you my ~dream~ fairy kei outfit that I put together:

fairy kei


Korea School High-Waisted Pleated Skirt SD00800
53 CAD –

[Kawaii Fashion] White Bow Tights SD01478
35 CAD –

Magic Power – Happy Monday
27 CAD –

I also think that the ‘Harajuku White Blond curly Wave Long Wig’  from Syndrome Store will also suit this look:

Thank you again for reading my post ❤
I will try to achieve a better fairy kei in the future and update you guys.
Although I don’t think my fairy kei outfit is up to par, do not put pressure on yourself to fit the mold of a look. Harajuku fashion is all about being yourself and using your imagination 🙂
xoxo Nicole

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