The Style I Wish To Achieve


Hello Everyone ^^

Recently, I’ve been wondering what exactly is my fashion style, is the fashion style I want the fashion style I have?

In reality, my fashion style is average. I don’t have much clothing selection that I actually like and there is nothing outstanding about it either. I think the only thing stylish about me is my hair colour; but I get confused often because some people would say “I like your hair best lighter and natural” or “Black hair suits you best!” or “You pull of coloured hair so well!”. I would like to please everyone, but this also apart of my identity.

My hair colours over the past year

I love having coloured hair ❤ It makes me feel different compared to everyone and it is colourful and pretty! I also like having natural coloured hair too, but I don’t think it is very like myself.

The style I’d like to achieve is a doll-ish look with porcelain skin and gyaru-like curled hair; and have fashion style that I truly would like to have instead of just wearing striped shirts and black leggings that I’ve had for billions of years. Ultimately, my dream style is along the lines of modern gyaru hair and makeup, with a more ulzzang style fashion.

(^ I would like to credit the owner of the pictures but the source I got these pictures from didn’t credit the original owners D: )

It’s really pretty, right? I hope that when following this blog, that you will see me grow to achieve this style but right now I am just here ^^

Thank you for reading ❤

It’s a bit casual post today but I hope that’s okay too^^






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